The new Philippine Airlines Safety video rocks!


A couple of weeks ago, my colleagues and I went to a short visit (work, work, work) to Iloilo and a few minutes after we boarded our plane, we were greeted with a safety video like no other.

I have been to several places and though I never liked sitting inside a plane (claustrophobia), I have learned to comfort myself thinking that the place where we are heading to holds a lot of excitement that translates to good memories and lots of photos. *-* wink

Tell me the truth: when the airline safety video comes up, do you

a) Watch it

b) Pump up the volume in your ipod

c) Continue looking out the window as you let out a yawn and prepare for a nap

d) Continue checking out items in the duty free magazine mentally taking tabs on which item you would purchase should you have extra moolah after the trip

e) Continue flipping through the pages of the airline magazine especially when there is an abundance of photos showing great tourist spots that you’ve never been to.  

So I’m guilty of not paying full attention to flight videos… but so do many of us.

Most of us think we have seen and heard it all. “It’s in the booklet anyway,” I even heard a seatmate once say.

When the flight safety video is flashed, I would most likely be doing b) or c) or e) if I forgot to bring a book.

But this one really caught my fancy and my fleeting attention span as well.

The use of an actor to portray the safety procedures really did well with the airline company’s intention to engage the passengers’ interest in the video. It was also subtly laden with humor which made it even more interesting to watch.

I was amused at the part where a hand (which came out of nowhere) swiftly confiscates the actor’s cigarette. Although I would have liked it more if the hand breaks the cigarette to emphasize the no-smoking rule even more.

Friends who saw the video commented on the part where two hands help each other in putting on the seatbelt on the actor and unbuckling it a little bit later. One hand connected the metal end into the buckle and pulled out the loose end of the belt to tighten it. (between 1:02-1:12).

“It looked malicious” my friend blurted out.

Honestly, I would have never thought of it if he never said so. But, yeah, I think he has a point.

Still, the whole video is fun and informative. I prefer it over the old instructional video and over actual demos by flight attendants.


By the way, all work and no play make a dull life, they say. So here’s us after a day of work…’til next time guys. ^-^