Inspiration for the busy soul



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 Have you ever been squeezed into a really busy week that you keep putting off some tasks for the weekend? I would not even recognize I had fallen into this situation until I realized I have several backlog articles for my blog. My weekday evenings are now largely spent on watching TV (which is unusual for me) and then   my quiet time with the Lord before I sleep. I suspect the daily pressures of work could be creeping into my system turning me into a TV-watching person which I no longer am.



 Today, I have taken a few minutes to share with you a wonderful news that I have received from the mother of the boy that we were able to bless last December. Here is an excerpt of the SMS she sent me recently.


“kamusta na po? Nag-normal na po yung 2d-echo ni Lemuel…Sobrang miracle po yun…pakisabi po sa lahat ng tumulong marami pong salamat sa inyong lahat and God Bless (How are you? Lemuel’s 2D-echo is now normal…it is truly a miracle. Thank you to everyone who helped and God Bless).”


  If you are interested to read Lemuel’s story, click here.

Aling Nenita’s text message was the best message I received that day. It truly shows how God is at work in our lives even though we don’t see it in the natural.


What are you asking God for? Do you have the patience to wait for His timing?  




I recently watched a show that featured people who are living victorious lives despite their health conditions.


There were three of them that were featured in that particular episode but one teenage guy with a medical condition on his spinal cord easily won my admiration.


Patrick was almost a year old when he was run over by a car leaving one of his legs paralyzed. However, it seemed that Patrick had no room for the words ‘pity’ and ‘misery’ as he strives to live a normal life. He religiously attends his physical therapy sessions and even finds time to bond with his friends. He also spends some of his time by surfing, through the help of the Life Rolls on foundation. When I saw him on TV, I saw a teenager who is full of hope and expectancy in life. How I wish everyone has the same attitude in whatever battle they face in life.